Past Stray Thoughts

2008 was quite the year of changes and new challenges for my family! 

  • Olya started work at a local bank and was promoted to an assistant manager position.
  • My mother recovered from two bouts of pneumonia last winter and is much better!
  • Clare finished up her senior year at Sacred Heart in San Francisco and started school as San Jose State.
  • Gavriil started pre-school full time at a private day care and recently started attending a local parochial pre-school.
  • My brother-in-law is recovering from surgery for prostrate cancer and is doing well.
  • And after being promoted to Manager of Web Development in November of 2007, I spent the year leading the redesign of a hospital system intranet and the implementation of Microsoft SharePoint. Since November, I've been looking for a new challenge and it looks like I may have a great new opportunity to begin the new year!

Much to be thankful for! Wishing all my friends and relatives the best for 2009!