Past Stray Thoughts

When there is grasping, there is entanglement. When there is entanglement, unbound spaciousness collapses into the dreamscape of fearful imaginings, ellusive cravings, worrisome projections, nostalgic longings, phantom-like habit energy, lusty desires. And in this state, interacting with others that are also pinched off from unbound spaciousness, others that are also collapsed down into mind-made identities striving for definition, laboring to bolster the facade of self image and autonomy that is forever out of reach, when we interact with others that are also victims of a self-seduction that emits an air of arrogance and pridefulness, we are bound to clash in those areas that create destructive interference with our sense of self and gel with those that reinforce our ego, our image of "who" we "think" we are. It is all mind-made and utterly illusory. When this is seen, the facade comes crashing down, not only yours but everyone else's. People are talking to you as if from a dream. There is an appearance of lucidity but it is harnessed by maya, by energy trapped and channeled by illusion of misperception and by the resultant egoic identification. None of this is real and yet it is occuring like any other action taken due to misunderstanding. It's like seeing herd animals, spooked by the moving shadow of windblown trees in moonlight, stampede off a cliff to their destruction. How can there not be an upwelling of compassion when you are surrounded by people speaking and acting from a dreamstate. They work hard for 50 weeks a year so they can take vacations in hopes of having a few moments they become somewhat lucid and actually see what has always been right in front of them. It's a pathetic existence and deserving of the compassion that naturally arises in those that have seen through it. When we find ourselves in difficult situations with others, we need to look at where the difficulty really is arising. Do we feel aversion? Fear? Do we feel longing, a need to possess? Are we sure it is not that we are entangled in our own projections of identity and self image and the difficulty we feel is coming out of that? Letting go, there is an opening of clarity, a lifting of vexing thoughts, a relaxing into just what is. Relaxing into what is, there is no sense of identity arising. No sense of self, no arrogance, no pridefulness, no fear or timidity. There is only pure, direct experience of what is happening as it actually happens. There is a depth of silence and clarity that goes beyond and ability to describe. Yet it is completely simple, spontaneous, natural. It is just the way things are. When we see this, even the dreamlike utterances of those caught in illusion around us make perfect sense. They are just as they are. Everything is completely fluid and just so. How can it be any other way? Hearing even a braggart boast or a disturbed, recalcitrant remark, it all is just as it must be given causes and conditions, which never fail. All things are just as they are. No further explanation is needed. And with this, contentment, even in this burning house of impermanence, reaches perfection. If we are struggling, we simply have not let go. Make a practice of letting go, constantly and continually forever letting go until there is nothing left to let go of. What is left when you grasp nothing this very moment?